Flexible solutions designed for your business needs


In todays society, crime both from external and internal elements is a everyday reality. This is why concepts and measures to enable safe communities have become a necessity. 

Constant surveillance and increased visibility of security is provided by implementing CCTV solutions at the home as well as the work place.

We offer state of the art CCTV technology and services for homes and business:

  • CCTV camera sales and installations to suit your needs
  • Existing CCTV camera repairs 
  • CCTV camera and video linkups to computers, remote systems, security control rooms and centres
  • and much more


Wireless internet and network demand has increased significantly over the past few years due to technology devices becoming more mobile and integrate with internet and mobile networks. Wireless is now a everyday feature inside the home or at work.  

We can install, support and maintain wireless systems, from wireless internet to wireless networks for residential homes, residential complexes, home businesses and small to medium business complexes or offices.

Technology at work for you SOLAR SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS

Here in South Africa we a blessed with endless sun and, as must of  our ecology lives and breaths from endless source. we have incorporated it in to our systems. We utilise it in the security sector as either the main or secondary power source or even just as a back system. We have the talent and expertise to customise any solution for you.

Flexible solutions designed for your solar needs - SOLAR SOLUTIONS

In todays society, power is an issue, weather it be from load-shedding or grid interruptions, whatever the case – uninterrupted power supply is not what it used to be. Until such time as the power utilities action new power generation sites, other means of electricity supply is necessary. Also, supplying power to out-of-reach areas – where no power grid is accessible – solar is a great and reliable power source.

  • Primer Solar Power 
  • Dual Power System. Grid power and Solar power to make  endless supply even during load shedding
  • Backup Power for main  Broadcast  communication system at the heart your wireless network 
  • Solar Power for gate’s, alarm systems, camera’s, PIR sensor etc


Today, in our country, crime is always around and will be unless we can do something about it. We at Hoodlinks know that, to beat the up-curve of crime, we need to develop better solutions for our clients. This is over-and-above the normal installation range. We customise almost 50% of our work installations due to client requests, finding better ways to protect the system that protects you.

Flexible solutions designed for your camera needs - CAMERA SOLUTIONS

As you will see below we do regular installations for homes, small business, malls, shops and so on, but we are best known for our custom installations. We manufacture our own poles, brackets and camera enclosures for different types of applications.

Adding to these types of builds, we create long distance wireless communication, alternate power solutions and designed-to-spec workstations, server’s and storage. We can also provide two way radio communication, generator services and installation.

With all the solutions that we do and the experience that we have accumulated over the years, we can proudly say we are a custom development company for anything to do with CCTV.